Accountability Coaching for Corporates

Contrary to what people believe, motivation is created by taking action and you do not rely on feeling motivated to act, Purple Carrot understands it is necessary to act, and then your motivation will follow and this, we believe, is the key to successful employee engagement.

Traditional engagement course tend to focus on how the employee can contribute more in the working environment, become more efficient, improve communications, build strong relations, all great concepts but very narrow and we believe that by helping motivate your employees to defining their personal life goals, supporting their achievements and celebrating their success, you will create a happier and more motivated, engaged workforce.

Purple Carrot has a range of options that can be tailored to meet your company requirements.

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Onsite Accountability Workshops

Based on the Purple Carrot Accountability Program we roll through the 10 session plan in a focused manor over one or two day, tailoring the program to your company and range of employees wishing to participate.

This is an excellent way to give your employees the gift of personal engagement that is not centred on work and gives them a motivation boost that will ultimately improve their energy and contribution to the work place

Corporate Accountability Training

On-going Accountability Group Engagement Program

Taking groups between 4-8 people, we offer person to person Accountability coaching sessions based on the Purple Carrot Accountability Program. Ideally we run with 10 sessions spread every 2-3 weeks, though we can tailor this to support your individual company needs and timings.

Group Accountability Brainstorm

One-to-One Accountability Coaching

Finally, Purple Carrot offers dedicated One-to-One Accountability Coaching that is super focused on the work-life demands of the individual, helping to prioritise what is important in their lives and creating increased energy, motivation and engagement across all areas of the work-life balance.

Studies indicate that “employees who had accountability coaching to build their goal achievement plans had a 76% rate of success and 54% improvement in work place engagement.”

One-to-on Accountability Coaching

What will you achieve?

Your time with Purple Carrot is driven by the philosophy that life is a marathon and not a sprint, by defining your life goals we create the building blocks for Accountability coaching to begin.

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Session 1: Start with a bang, reconnect with your life-long goals and dreams

Your journey starts with a Big-Bang as we make time to explore your life goals and dreams across 10 areas of your life, removing negative barriers that have built up over time to hold back unleashing your ‘real-self’ in a mind expanding blast off.

Session 2: Life-Goal prioritisation and initial strategy

We look to prioritise your most important goals to ensure we put the right building blocks down to allow for a successful outcome and get your juices flowing for the exciting journey that is coming, then build our first dedicated goal strategy plan.

Session 3: Your personal Time and Energy study

Where often complain there is never enough time, session 3 looks at how and where your time is spent, who energises/de-energies you, your positive and negatives drivers and plots how this fits into your existing daily schedule and how we can create a more free flowing positive energy.

Session 4: Understanding and freeing your personal finances

80% of people don’t keep a budget or know where their money goes, session 4 will see you starting to take control of your finances, building your own budget and taking positive steps to freeing up your hard earned money to achieving your life goals via taking control of your financial-self.

Session 5: Building a stronger and healthier you

If you are low on energy you will struggle to succeed to achieve your goals and in session 5 we will take a look at your relationship to food, exercise and rest. Together we will take the first steps to increasing your energy levels and focusing on your drivers for a healthier you and healthier life style.

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Session 6: Acknowledging obstacles and removing fear

No event is good nor bad, only our impression of it and rather than avoiding the difficult steps to achieving your goals, session 6 will help you see the obstacles you have placed in front of you and build step by step plans for smashing right through them in future rather than continuing to avoid them.

Session 7: Understanding and re-defining our negative habits

Life experiences lead us to form negative emotions that in turn form bad habits which hold you back in life and session 7 takes a look at how and where these habits are formed and how you can build a stronger metal strength to stop projecting the past into the future.

Session 8: Building a professional career around your talents

Typically we spend 24% of our daily lives at work and in session 8 we explore your relationship to work and how this aligns to your life goals in terms of professional development, skills, relationships and of course satisfactory reward for investing your time.

Session 9: Defining your personal Cornerstones of Life

The world is not fair and sometimes I don’t get what I feel is right and you know what, that’s just life. Session 9 helps you understand and build your core belief system(s) that effect not only your day to day decision making process but your life goals.

Session 10: Continuous Improvement and individual legacy

We tend to avoid thinking on how we want to be remembered but in your final session we smash right through this topic and help you see that life is a marathon, not a sprint and when you finally get to the finish line have you outlined and achieved everything you wanted!

"Start living your best life today."

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